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What is Mesotherapy?

 Mesotherapy is an alternative delivery system of medication developed by Dr. Pistor, MD and Dr. Le COZ, MD. Mesotherapy treatments are widely used in Europe and South America as a means of delivering medications for various areas of symptomology. Mesotherapy treatments are now available in Scottsdale under the care of Roman A. Chubaty, M.D., A.C.S.M., A.A.A.M, L.M.C.C., A.C.F.P. Dr. Chubaty's superior training in Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve, Lipotherapy exceeds any other USA physician we know. The method of delivery for Mesotherapy treatments is intradermal using fine needles by "Pont du Pont" or "Nappage."  Mesotherapy is used in aesthetics for "stage 3" cellulite treatments, alopecia, and facial rejuvenation (mesoglow and mesolift). It is a preferred treatment in many countries for numerous musculo-skelato problems such as tendonitis (tennis elbow), muscle strains and facitis. Mesotherapy also can be used to treat migraine headaches and scars.

What is Lipotherapy (Lipodissolve)?

Lipodissolve, pioneered by Dr. Patricia Rittes, treats fat deposits such as “saddle-bags,” “love handles,” jowls, eye-pads, stomach or "pot-belly," inner-outer thighs, bra-lines, etc. Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) is not a weight loss program! Persons with a BMI over 30 may not be considered candidates for lipodissolve (lipotherapy) treatment.

Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) FAQ's

Q: How does Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) Work?
A: Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) has shown the ability to break the bands in fat cells. The fat is dissolved into liquid and eliminated from the body.

Q: Is Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) Safe?
A: Like any other injectable product, lipodissolve (Liptherapy) may cause side effects or allergic reactions in some people. Clinical experience from over 8 years of regular daily use show adverse reactions to lipodissolve (lipotherapy) to be extremely rare.

Q: Are there any other benefits with lipodissolve (lipotherapy)?
A: Yes, several. Lipodissolve (Lipotherapy) injections do not destroy fat cells as with liposuction. When being treated with lipodissolve (lipotherapy), new or future weight loss or gain is accumulated evenly, unlike liposuction where uneven dents in the areas where fat has been removed are common.

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Skinbella Microdermabrasion

Cellulite and Fat:

  There are essentially two types of fatty deposits found on the body. The first of which is androcellulite, the second being gynocellulite. Androcellulite manifests as what we call "saddle-bags," "love handles," and "pot belly." Gynocellulite, what we generally refer to as "cellulite," is usually found in females on the lower part of the torso, giving the dimpled "orange-peel effect." In aesthetics, Mesotherapy should only be used in “stage 3” cellulite treatment.


is caused by numerous factors including poor circulation, and fibrosis of surrounding tissue.The main cause, however, is female hormones such as estrogen. Any combination of these leads to the rippled appearance of and cold feel of the skin. Treatments vary according to the stage of cellulite being treated.There is no cure for cellulite, but there are effective treatments now available. Mesotherapy is used to treat "stage 3" cellulite. "Stage 4" cellulite is treated using a combination of Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy.

What are the stages of cellulite?

Stage 1: Skin is cool to the touch and presence of spider veins.
Stage 2: Dimpling of the skin present when pinched.
Stage 3: Cellulite is visible when standing, but disappears when the patient lays down.
Stage 4: Cellulite is visible when standing and does not disappear when laying down.

Patients are cautioned to seek out physicians properly trained in nappage and properly trained in Mesotherapy techniques and Lipotherapy (Lipodissolve) treatments. You should ask your physician if the drugs they use are FDA approved drugs used off label for stage 3 cellulite treatment. Generally, physicians trained by AestheticMD and the IMLS are skilled in these techniques. Unlike adipose fat deposits (Lipotherapy treatments), the number of treatments and frequency for cellulite vary depending on the stage of cellulite and the individual being treated.


: Results are excellent if the treatment is by a physician who has been trained in the proper protocols, techniques and medications. A recent UCLA study shows that sodium deoxycholate necrotizes (destroys) the fat cell. Patients should avoid practioners who want to do treatments using a cocktail to treat fat and who want  to perform 10 or more injections per area using nappage or "meso" needles (Mesotherapy techniques) to deliver their cocktail just under the skin.  Properly performed treatments should not be closer together than two weeks and there should be no more than 4 to 5 treatments in an area of the body.  The number of treatments depends on the patient being treated and their goals.  Depending on the individual and the area treated, only a couple of treatments may be needed to achieve the patient's desired result. 

Cellulite and Fat
Facial Rejuvenation & Eye Pads

Facial Rejuvenation & Eye Pads:

Eye Pad treatments have amazing results with Lipotherapy as indicated in the article and pictures shown in the link below. Dr. Rittes has performed over 2,000 eye pad treatments and Dr. Chubay has performed hundreds in North America. For the facial area, mesotherapy can be used to increase tissue turgor that is a result of a loss of elasticity in the skin from aging and sun damage (Mesoglow & Mesolift). Medications used in this process include antioxidants, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid. 

For before and after pictures and more information on treatment for facial rejuvenation click here.

Sports Injuries:

Spectacular results for those who have suffered too long!

Sports injuries of a chronic nature, ailments due to joint deterioration, stiffness, and muscle spasm. Medications include anti-inflammatories, microcircular stimulants, and muscle relaxers.

For more information on Sports Injury treatments, click here.


Hair Regrowth & Alopecia:

Mesotherapy Hair regrowth treatment for persons with certain types of  hair loss problems is preferred to other methods as the mesoderm itself can be injected.

Secondary alopecia is sometimes found in menopausal females due to the effects of androgen. It can also be used for hair loss resulting from anxiety, and/or fungal infection. Medications used to stimulate the hair follicles include a combination of antioxidants, vasodilators, and other medications.

For more information on treatment for hair regrowth click here.

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