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glynis ablon
Glynis Ablon, M.D.

Curriculum Vitae


Glynis Ablon, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor U.C.L.A.
Board Certified in Dermatology
Fellowship Oculoplastic Surgery

Employment:  Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Ablon Skin Institute, August 2001 to present
Associate, Little Co. of Mary.  April 1997 to present
Associate, Laser Institute for Dermatology.  May 1999 to July 2001
Associate, Beverly Hills Med. Mgt.:  Sept 1996 to March 1997

Hospital and Teaching Privileges:

UCLA-VA: Assistant Clinical Professor
Little Company of Mary: Teaching staff


Fellowship Oculoplastic surgery, Sinsky Eye Institute, Santa Monica, CA. July 1999 to Dec. 1999

Residency: Dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX. July 1993 to July 1996

Internship: Internal Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA. July 1992 to July 1993

Medical School: The George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. August 1988 to May 1992, M.D. degree.

Undergraduate: Pomona College, The Claremont Colleges, Claremont, CA. September 1984 to May 1988. Bachelor of Arts (French Literature), Cum laude.

High School: Westlake School for Girls, Beverly Hills, CA. September 1978 to June 1984. Cum Laude with departmental honors in Mathematics and French, Dean's Honor List.


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Extracurricular Society Activities:

Academy of Lipo-Suction Surgery, fellow 1997-present
American Academy of Dermatology, fellow 1993-present
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc., fellow 1995-present

American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2002-present

California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, member 2000-present
Pacific Dermatologic Society, member 1999-present
American Association for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, member 1999-present
Los Angeles Metropolitan Dermatologic Society, member 1998-present
Women's Dermatology Society, 1995-present
Medical Director Skin Cancer Screening, Medical Institute Little Co. of Mary, 2000-present

Phi-Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity 1988-1992
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) with AMSA, volunteer 1988-1989
Women's Water Polo team, Pomona College 1984-1988