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rashid buttar
Rashid A. Buttar, DO
Rashid A. Buttar, DO, is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery.  He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army.  Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology, Preventive Medicine, is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical organizations.  He is the medical director of Center for Advanced MedicineÔ in Charlotte, NC, a clinic specializing in treating patients with cancer and heart disease refractory to conventional medical treatments and also serves as Director of Clinical Research and Development for V-SAB Medical Labs where he is extensively involved in polypeptide research and development of innovative drug delivery mechanisms.  Dr. Buttar has lectured world-wide on these subjects to physicians while continuing to serve as faculty to teach conventional medical courses such as Advanced Trauma Life Support, PALS and ACLS.  Dr. Buttar is a Visiting Scientist with NC State University and was ranked as one of "The Top 50 Doctors in the USA" in 2003 by Phillips Publishing and the world famous cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.