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Aesthetic MD - Authority on Mesotherapy, LipoTherapy, LipoDissolve, Botox and Whole Body Vibration Exercise

"The Authority in Mesotherapy & Spot Fat Reduction (LipoDissolve / Lipotherapy) for Physician Training and Patient Treatments."
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The leading authority on mesotherapy treatment and is the International Executive Coordinator for Mesotherapy Studies has trained over 2000 physicians in Paris and 150 in the USA in sports therapy, pain management and mesotherapy treatments for scars, etc.

Author of several books on mesotherapy published in French Portuguese, Spanish and Korean languages

Sports physician for  INSEP, the main  sport  institute of France

President of the French Society of Mesotherapy 1991-1997

Vice-President of the International Society of Mesotherapy 1993-1998

International Coordinator, Mesotherapy Studies and Teaching.

Dr. Le COZ is a board member of the International Meso-Lipotherapy society.