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Aesthetic MD - Authority on Mesotherapy, LipoTherapy, LipoDissolve, Botox and Whole Body Vibration Exercise

"The Authority in Mesotherapy & Spot Fat Reduction (LipoDissolve / Lipotherapy) for Physician Training and Patient Treatments."
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The pioneer of phosphatidylcholine injections and the major influence in phosphatidylcholine and mesotherapy aesthetic treatments worldwide.

Dr. Patricia Rittes, MD has performed OVER:

        27,000 fat treatments

        2,500 eye pad treatments


  • American Academy of Dermatology -1991

  • Brazilian Academy of Dermatology  - 1986

  • Membership in the Scientific Editorial of the Laser Brazilian Society Magazine

  • Membership in the Brazilian Laser Society Training Department

  • Membership in the American Academy of Dermatology

  • Membership in the Braslian Society of Dermatology

  • Membership in the Dermatologic Surgery Brazilian Society


  • Who is Who _ 1st. Brazilian Physician to be nominated in this "referendum Guide" -2003

  • Super Cap de Ouro -2002- (Gold Super Cap)

  • Mãos de Ouro -2000- (Hands of Gold)

  • Mãos de Ouro - 1999

  • Super Cap de Ouro- 1999


Dr. Rittes has been published 9 times  in American and International Journals between 1991 & 2003:

  • Aesthetic Surgery Journal

  • Dermatologic Surgery

  • Brazilian Society Dermatology Congress

  • Aesthetic Medicine and Comiatry

  • 1st Surgery and Laser Brazilian Congress

  • Brazailian Society Dermatology Congress

  • Brazilian Society Dermatology Congress

  • Brazilaian Society of Dermatoloy

  • Mesotherapy World Congress


  • 2002- Harpers' Bazaar Magazine

  • 2002 - Time Magazine

  • Brazil and Europe - numerous talk shows and video lectures

  • Over 60 workshops given in Brazil and abroad