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  Reasons for training with IMLS (International meso-Lipotherapy Society)

  • What are the results of previous training? We have trained hundreds of doctors in North America with many compliments. High Marks from attendees on CME evaluations. We don't score 100% on every day and every conference, but typically 94% or more recommend our course to other physicians.Statistic from attendees at the Vancouver Meso-Lipotherapy Seminar on Saturday, July 16, 2005:
    "Would you recommend this day of the conference to a colleague?" 
    YES  100%  NO  0%.

  • What are the teaching credentials of the faculty teaching the course? Our faculty offers a combined experience representing over 40 years and 50,000 meso-lipotherapy treatments and training of over 3000 doctors, hundreds of seminars, endless media interviews, publications, etc. Our faculty trained with both pioneers of Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy! Our faculty includes well published and board certified USA dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as the international authorities and the pioneers of Meso-lipotherapy.

  • Does the training offer any scientific data? We continue to bring international and USA scientific studies to our seminars as well as those physicians who conducted the studies (Glynis Ablon, MD, Adam Rotunda, MD, and Paul Rose, MD, etc. are all members of our faculty).

  • What is the goal of the training? Our goal is to train the attendee not only in the scientific basis for treatments but in practical workshops, so that they can return to their practice and begin Mesotherapy and Spot-Fat-Reduction treatments immediately. In a world of malpractice lawsuits, complaints to medical boards and concern over patient care, IMLS's inexpensive seminars are a must for those who plans to inject sodium doxoycholate (PC/DC) and mesotherapy cocktails.

  Reasons for lIPODISSOLVE & Mesotherapy training

  • Learn new medical techniques and skills.  Our program  teaches how to treat androcellulite, i.e. fat pads on thighs, stomach , love handles, eye pads, double chin and meso-lift. Mesotherapy and lipotherapy are the only effective treatments for gyno (ginoid) type cellulite, which is caused by a combination of poor circulation, edema, sclerosis, and fibrosis which encapsulate the fat cells. The condition is called P.E.S.F. (pannsaclupathia edema sclerosis fibrosis).  Liposuction is totally ineffective for this and can only worsen it by destroying whatever little circulation there is left,(aestheticmedicine journal; July issue euro copy). 

  • Increase practice profits.  Pay for your training by treating just a few patients. 

  • Decrease dependency on HMO controlled revenues, slow payments, hassles with insurance etc.

  • Attract new patients to existing medical practice.

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